Smoked cod

Royal smoked cod is made using an artisan method that ensures a top-quality product. It is smoked according to an age-old Scandinavian recipe: based on the thickness and size of each piece, a specific smoking time and blend of herbs are used to get excellent results.

Desalted Cod

Royal desalted cod is made by rehydrating the fish so it can be eaten, through an artisan desalting process combined with the help of cutting-edge technology. These two elements are key for achieving top-quality desalted cod. This product is perfect for a wide variety of dishes, both raw and cooked in soups and warm dishes. It can also be eaten cold in delicious tapas.

The Convenience line of products, like the rest of the Royal Desalted Cod items, is made using the most traditional desalting processes so that anyone can enjoy this fish without the fuss.

At Royal, we love cod and one of the species most prized by gourmands is called Skrei. If you don’t know the history of this species, you’ll be surprised. Skrei cod is more intense in flavour, with juicer, whiter, firmer flesh. In addition to its exquisite taste, it is packed with nutrients and low in calories.

The Nature range is our line of natural desalted cod. This means, no preservative or additives. For those who want to enjoy the true flavour of cod, with all its properties.

Our Icelandic selection cod stands out for its fresh, thick, white flesh. The ocean surrounding this island is a rich source of healthy, valuable fish. It is bathed by warm and cold ocean currents that create great conditions for the ecosystem and the rich fishing grounds.

Don’t miss out on this unique selection and taste cod with all the flavour of its source.

Salted cod

The salting process for Royal salted cod begins in Iceland, right after it is caught, and lasts 30 days, just as tradition dictates. The curing and salting process gives it the unmistakable taste of authentic cod, while also helping preserve it.

The Royal Curing line has all the best of our Royal Traditional line, but is double cured. This means the cod will keep even longer, without having to be refrigerated.

Frozen cod

Royal frozen cod is designed for those days when you are pressed for time. It is quality cod frozen ‘with salt to taste’ and ready to be eaten after it is thawed. Its balanced saltiness makes it versatile, with an unbeatable appearance and optimal performance in the kitchen.